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Reach Out Online is a global "warm line" ran by volunteer peer mentors.

A "warm line" is a resource when your problems aren't a crisis, but you need someone to talk/chat with. We are not a replacement for professional counseling or thearpy.

Our mission is to help those who need a friendly person to discuss their problems with. No problem is too big or small for us. Join us for friendly conversation. You never know, you might save someone's life.

Reach Out Online uses Discord for our chat server. We can not guarantee our chat will be monitored 24/7 at this time. But we will do our best to be online as much as possible.

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Written By: Jmatt on 14th October 2020.

I created this network 19 years ago (2001) in a dorm room at Louisiana Tech University. The initial focus was relationships and the downfall from failed relationships. In Jan/Feb of 2002, we combined with a chat called Stop Teen Suicide to create a chat called Teen Crisis Center. That didn't last long. Sadly the STS group was more focused on numbers than quality, and that's not the way my staff works. In May of 2002, I left TCC and created another channel called Teen Problem Center. Most of the other channel followed me over and that was how this project exploded on MSN Chat. We ran TPC from May 2002 until October 14th, 2003 when MSN moved their chat services to subscription only. This move made it mandatory that you had to be 18 or older to be on the service, which voided our entire mission.

We received notification of the potential closure in September 2003. This was the second devastating blow to our team in a week's time. The week before, we received word that our trainer, Charlotte (cricket wings) had taken her own life. Our entire management team (Shawn, Jeremy, Brittney, Sarah, Ally) and me were working with her trying to get her out of her current horrendous situation. Unfortunately her situation went from horrendus to unbearable. RIP Charlotte - the entire staff still misses you.

After the closure, our staff went our separate ways. We tried to come back a few times on different projects but couldn't get the running start that we needed until November 2019. Because of my disability status (see below) I was able to recreate the system that made us great at what we do.

Gonads and Strife is a bot that I wrote. It's an offshoot of the TPC bot, but with less sarcasm (for now.)

So, welcome to Reach Out Online. Never suffer alone. Our hope is that you have more clarity and direction when you're done with your session than you had coming into our server. You are welcome to stick around. You are welcome to join the voice servers and chats. If you have any issues, please contact a Manager (in Yellow) or me.

Note: To join us in chat on Discord just click the Chat image in the right side menu.

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