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TL;DR: Behave, you can not sue us, we log all channels and we do not sell your information.


Reach Out Online is not a substitue for ongoing professional counseling or other evaluations. Always take your medications as prescribed.

Reach Out Online staff is made up of volunteers who are not professionals in the mental health field, unless noted.

Reach Out Online is a "warm line" dedicated to making life issues not a crisis.

This Legal document is meant to be readable. If anything is unclear, please let us know.

Terms Of Service

A. You agree to the Privacy Policy and Code of Conduct.
B. Use at your own risk. We are not professionals. You agree to not sue us or hold us liable for any information obtained from our channels. If there is an issue with the information you obtained from our channels, please report it to Service Desk
C: We reserve the right to remove you from our services at any time, for any reason (this includes no reason at all.)
D: You agree that you are the age of 13 or above.
E: You agree to not use our services to obtain information about someone else.
F: You agree to not attempt to modify any database, coding or bots that we may have at any time.
G: Keep your password a secret. Log out of computers when you are done. We are not responsible for the damage caused if you did not do this.
H: You have the right to request another Mentor or a member of Management.
I: You will not use the service to spam or market to anyone.


A: We only control the information that we have in our databases on the website that is covered by the Privacy Policy.
B: Discord controls their own database, please contact them to have your information removed.
C: Disboard controls their database for reviews, please contact them to have your information removed.
D: If you wish to have your information removed from our system, please email Service Desk with your username for the website and your Discord numeric ID. We will honor all requests as long as the information requested is present. If you have an account on the website, you need to email from the email address you have registered.

Code of Conduct

A: Respect all members. You will not use the service to harass any member, mentor or management team.
B: Do not post in public channels anything to support self-harm.
C: On chat, do not constantly spam-tag any group or member
D: Lower your CAPS LOCK. This is meant to get someone's attention. Repeated use of the CAPS LOCK may have you moved to a Spectator.
E: Anyone deemed to be trolling will be removed.
F: Keep the language in the main chats to a minimun. While foul language is allowable, do not overdo it.
G: Usernames can have ASCII (non A-Z, a-z, 0-9) characters, however your chat input cannot. You will be moved to a spectator as a result.

Privacy Policy

We will not sell your information to third parties.


A: We store all information that is submitted on the website. This includes registration, applications and any user-submitted forms as applicable.
B: We use cookies to store login information for a limited time. We do not store your username or password in your browser.
C: We track IP and username movements across the website.
D: We track referral links on
E: Standard staff members have limited access to your data.
F: Management and above have access to your case log.
G: Your case log may be discussed between management and mentors on an as-needed basis.
H: If you decide to leave a review on our Disboard Page, you agree to their Terms of Service.


A: You agree to the Discord Terms of Service
B: All chat in public channels, including edits and deletes are logged.
C: All joins, leaves, kicks, bans, username changes and nickname changes are logged.
D: All private messages to the Gonads and Strife bot are logged.
E: Private chats with Mentors are logged. Only Management and your Mentor have access to this information.
F: We will, at times, take information given to us in a session and discuss it in a public forum. Private or protected information will be redacted.

Resolution Path

If there is an issue with the website, chat, advice given or anything else, there are remedies that can take place.

A: You may email the Service Desk your complaint.
B: You may talk to someone in the #servicedesk channel on Discord.
C: If your complaint is still not resolved, you may tag @Manager on Discord and chat with one of them.
D: If your complaint still is not resolved, you may tag @Jmatt. All complaint resolutions are final at this stage.